A Phoenix Rising, Guiding You to Transformation

With over 13 years of training and experience, Dallas Michael Cyr stands as one of the best in the world. Emerging from the depths of darkness, he has unparalleled insight into pain and desires. Trust him to guide you through your own transformation and illuminate the path to a brighter future. 

As a top transformational coach, he works with driven individuals needing clarity and support to ignite their lives or business and reclaim their power. Creator of programs Igniting Your Purpose and SPEAK | EXPRESS | IMPACT, Dallas has built 3 businesses and guides clients to permanently eliminate negative patterns, heal relationships, and passionately ignite their missions, messages, visions, and lives.

Real Transformations, Real Testimonies

Jamie C.

"I'm so glad I joined the Rise and Thrive 7 week program. They say nothing is a coincidence in life and I'm a firm believer because ...

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"Make This Difficult Life Transition the Beginning of a Whole New Chapter in You Life. To Your Success & Abundance." - Dallas Michael Cyr

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