Stand for LOVE (thoughts on shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown Connecticut)

Fri, Dec 14, 2012

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I am so sad regarding today’s events yet I know this…

In #Connecticut where I was raised they have some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. It takes weeks to get a Permit to carry and own a gun and you need lots of paper work, background checks and letters of recommendation.

It doesn’t matter NO LAW will cure the human condition. We need to heal People not create more laws.

As Mother Theresa said, and I paraphrase here,  if you invite me to anti war rally I will not come but if you invite me to a peace rally I will be there.

Metal detectors and gun laws are BANDAIDS they are not cures!

We need to stop Fighting against stuff and start standing for stuff like peace, LOVE, oneness, God, community, education. Stop thinking of everyone and everything as separate from you. We are all connected ALL of us, the sick and healthy, good and bad, Black and white, gay and straight!

If we were to see everyone as part of one organism and see God in “Everyone” we would all treat each other very differently. Give your love, light and prayers to all those affected by this event. And if you read this and get what I am saying you will envision that love and light going to to every human being on the planet because what is done to one is done to ALL!

Also here is a Facebook conversation I had with a friend that I thought would be helpful!

Friend: Yes Dallas that is the ultimate resolution to this all but changes to the guns laws MUST be changed some how someway.

Me: I grew up in the HOOD! Really, next to drug houses. Have all the laws you want but if I wanted a gun, I’d find one and every criminal knows that.

The more we put our energy on fixing results of problems instead of the problem itself the less energy we have to make a real difference. The less energy we have for the cure long term versus the bandaid.
Friend: I understand what you are saying Dallas. I wonder if you had children if you would feel the same way.
Me: Yes I would. As much as I understand your point, I really do, Because I would still rather stand for a solution and not be concerned with a short term fix which would only give the false feeling that I had done something yet knowing inside my heart that the pain, hate, darkness, sadness, feeling of separation etc.. that causes all this violence still exists and therefore these events, whether stabbings, bombs, guns, fists or words of hate and destruction will not from laws or metal detectors. And with this I am realizing today is not the day for this discussion. Just give love.

Friend:  I agree with you Dallas. Humanity as a whole needs a total cleansing of these negative energies. If the ascension is real, hopefully this will happen. I will do my best to feel love today. But it will be a challenge when all I feel is sadness and anger about all of this.

Me: Its OK to the feel the anger too! I still do.


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And this video seems fitting for everyday!!!!!!!


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