21. July 2010

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What is Karma Yoga?

Tweet The next chapter in my Journey to Mt Madonna. What is Karma Yoga and How does it apply to our lives? Each week we have a themed discussion and this week the group talked and learned about what Karma Yoga really means. This is a picture inside where we eat everyday and where the […]

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14. July 2010


Journey to Mt Madonna

Tweet I’m sitting in the plane as it taxi’s the runway for take off. It’s the day after the 4th of July and I am celebrating my Independence (so to speak:0) I am heading to the Mount Madonna Center just outside San Jose California to embark on a 3 month journey. The MMC is a […]

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30. June 2010


Multiple Streams of Income Webinar recording

Tweet For those who missed this Amazing Webinar HERE IS YOUR CHANCE!! “Multiple Streams of Income is no longer a Luxury… it’s a Friggen MUST!” Webinar recording. In this Webinar we discussed the current financial and economic and environment and what the future holds The different types of income you can create the mistakes most […]

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24. June 2010


Multiple Streams of Income Not a Luxury but a FRIGGEN Must

* In a world where taxes are on the rise
* Health care cost on the rise
* Over 50% of Americans 55 and older have less than $50,000 saved for retirement and
* Americans personal debt on the rise, average individual credit card debt is $8,400!

The idea of multiple streams of income is quickly becoming a must!

Luckily Access to creating multiple streams of income and even true wealth has never been easier!!

Don’t get me wrong you still need to know your stuff and work hard but access to the knowledge and resources has never been easier. The timing hasn’t been this perfect since the great depression! And there has never been more avenues for people to make it happen than there are now!

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14. June 2010


9 Do’s on the Road to Financial Freedom

After 7 years as a planner helping clients with their financial and insurance needs and a total of 10 years in the industry I have seen first hand how successful people manage their money. I worked with clients that made $80,000 a year combined income but you would think they made more than double that. I’ve also witnessed the opposite, clients that brought home over $250,000. a year but never had a penny to put aside for their future. These are 9 common habits and characteristics of my most successful clients. Not necessarily the clients that made or had the most money but the most discipline.

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12. June 2010


Divine Healing

I believe anything that can be created can be “changed or uncreated.”

Science has now proven that everything is energy; that would mean even disease is energy. Healing, true healing is a matter of moving the energy block causing the “Dis”-ease.

For some ailments this can be done simply through Western medicine, see a doctor take a pill and your good. Now are you healed or just temporarily cured? Can and will the illness return? I don’t know? Personally I believe you need to cure the root cause not just the surface result.

There are many alternative philosophies. Some people such as myself believe…

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5. June 2010



Would you like to wake up super excited about the day, “Everyday” and just leap out of bed passionate about what you do? Would you like to create a new, fresh, exciting and more affordable way then ever to take your business to the next level and beyond? How bout even if you’re an employee and love your JOB…how would you like a way to build wealth, brand yourself and stay forever employable doing what you love?

What would life be like if your hobby, most enjoyable personal passions, your obsession, the thing you Love doing most (and when you’re doing it time doesn’t exist) was actually your career and from it you were positively affecting the lives of others and creating wealth or at least financial freedom along the way?

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2. June 2010


The Artistic Entrepreneur

Tweet This Monthly Master I bring you the message of a great entrepreneur and great photographer. I have been fortunate to know Matthew J. Wagner for about five years.  He continues to grow and make a name for himself. In this video he shares some deep insight to his success. The value of coaching, pursuit […]

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