Thu, Mar 18, 2010

Monthly Masters

Hello and welcome to “Monthly Masters”. This is the FIRST in an on going series where each month I will provide a different expert to help you on your journey to self-mastery.

These guests are proven experts in their fields; people who are successful, genuine and love to share and help others reach their full potential in the areas of Health, Wealth, Business and Personal Growth.

I am very excited because this Month I have the pleasure of introducing to you Therese Miu. I chose Therese for many reasons; mainly because she is a great relationship builder, an extremely authentic & caring person and has a deep desire to share and help others.

She seems to have it all, is always happy and energetic when you speak with her and has what many seek which, is a life of passion, joy and balance.

There is a lot you can learn from this dynamo so if you’re ready let’s go!


By Therese Miu

Do you want to know what gives meaning to your life and work?
It is discovering and knowing your life’s purpose.

You have to let go of the conditioning that has been pressed on you since you were at a young age. Steve Pavlina in his blog  shares that,

“Here’s a story about Bruce Lee which sets the stage for this little exercise. A master martial artist asked Bruce to teach him everything Bruce knew about martial arts. Bruce held up two cups, both filled with liquid. “The first cup,” said Bruce, “represents all of your knowledge about martial arts. The second cup represents all of my knowledge about martial arts. If you want to fill your cup with my knowledge, you must first empty your cup of your knowledge.”

One of the most essential awareness is finding your life’s true purpose and working everyday to embody that purpose and to become it.

The great news is we have within us an inner guidance that tells us if we are on purpose or off purpose.  When you are ‘on purpose’ the energy feels right.  Every vibration is in alignment with your highest values and mission.

And here on this post I would love to share my purpose and mission in life:

“To empower, enlighten & awaken humanity to live in higher consciousness of love & inspire them to share their gifts with the world.  And Make a difference in small or big way wherever I am planted”

I want to be transparent with you in discovering and finding my purpose is still something that I am continually working on everyday.  As Steve Pavlina mentions, “Discovering your purpose is the easy part. The hard part is keeping it with you on a daily basis and working on yourself to the point where you become that purpose.”

And this is true… Please Click ‘play’ to watch a short video of mine:

Once you know your purpose read it daily. Live it. Take action.

I have heard that, “to be on purpose means you’re doing what you love to do, doing what your good at & accomplishing what’s important to you.”

I want to mention in your journey to fully embody and fulfill your purpose make sure you enhance humanity in some way. Don’t be afraid to share your purpose and unique gifts to those closest to you in your life as well as to humanity.

I want to thank you for watching my video.

Please leave a comment here on Dallas’s blog about this post. I appreciate your support and feedback… And don’t forget to share this post with your Twitter followers and anyone else whom you’d like to invite to this conversation here today!

Tell us, “what is your life’s purpose? “Or if you are not sure about your purpose, when was the last time you were happy, joyful, loved, and ecstatic?

Thank you for your time.

Yours in true creativity, passion, and purpose

About Therese

Therese is a self-employed Entrepreneur with a back ground in non-profit and social work. She was born and raised in the Philippines and is one of six children in her family. In college the subjects that appealed to her were philosophy, psychology, communication, history, linguistics, sociology, and Cultural Studies. Her passion for business came when her twin sister introduced her to an opportunity at the age of 24; she has been on her own and had 4 ventures since. Therese Miu currently resides in California with her husband and soul-mate Jeff Miu. Together they fill what she says is her most important role and that is, as a parent to their son Jeroen Sharma Miu. Therese loves nature, is passionate about internet marketing, social media, personal development and is always looking for opportunities to volunteer and give back to others. You can visit Therese anytime @

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5 Responses to “DISCOVERING YOUR LIFE’S PURPOSE By Therese Miu”

  1. William Rodriguez Says:

    Hello Dallas,
    Firstly, I want to thank you for your beautiful website and for recognizing your purpose, which has provided us with such a great channel for inspiration. You are very inspiring and this whole movement I am seeing with like-minded entrepreneurs, is igniting passion all through out the social realm.

    Secondly, your acquaintance with Therese has made it possible for me to know you. She is such an inspiration to me as well, with her energetic passion, that I cannot help but to be motivated, get up and start something.

    I am adding your website link onto my blog as well, so that people who visit my site can feed off your good energy. Once again thank you for your service to humanity, it is much needed in these days. Keep it up my brother!

    William Rodriguez

  2. Dallas Cyr Says:

    Yea, Therese is great! William, I am touched that you would share my site, I appreciate the compliment and truly wish for this site to continue being a source of education and inspiration for you and others. I really want people to see results in their life, that’s the key. So whatever you think I can do to make this a better experience or help you get results let me know!

    Peace & Prosperity,
    Dallas Cyr

  3. Kali Franzone Says:

    Hmmm, This is kind of interresting Wonder what will be next!

  4. Lansden Says:

    I’m very glad you took the time and wrote this post : ]


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