Journey to Mt Madonna

Wed, Jul 14, 2010

Connect with Spirit, Self-Mastery

I’m sitting in the plane as it taxi’s the runway for take off. It’s the day after the 4th of July and I am celebrating my Independence (so to speak:0)

I am heading to the Mount Madonna Center just outside San Jose California to embark on a 3 month journey.

The MMC is a Yoga retreat, Yoga school and Aryuveda center that has been operating and growing since the 70’s under it’s Indian Guru and saint Baba Hari Dass or Babaji as he is affectionately know.

Babaji is 87 years old and is a silent Yogi who hasn’t spoken since the 50’s! Very amazing man who has created much good through his work and the work of his followers. Here at MMC they practice and teach Karma Yoga which I will explain more in later posts. He also started an orphanage in India and other studios across the world.

I’m here to do a 3 month community service program. The video explains it a bit. I’m here to clean, cook, serve and be part of the community. While I am here I will also be learning about the 8 limbs of Karma Yoga and practicing Ashtanga.

As I was preparing to leave people kept asking me two very common questions, “are you excited” and “are you nervous”? The answer was no.

At first I said yes because it seemed like the more acceptable answer. Since I am learning to live more authentic I decided to be honest and the truth was I felt really aligned with my decision and on the right path. Second although I felt a deep joy and gratitude for the journey I wanted to enter the situation free of expectation.

I always have a positive expectation that everything in life will work out for my good as God intended and yet to hold specific expectations for how something is going to happen or how someone is going to act can be dangerous. Many people’s hurt and disappointment comes from expectations of things outside their control.

So that is one lesson… let go of expectations and the other lesson I share in the video attached.

Me at the new temple being built

I look forward to sharing my journey and really look forward to your questions and comments!!

Check my Facebook fan page for more photo’s and check back next week for week two of my 3 month journey.

Wishing you Peace & Prosperity,

Dallas Cyr

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4 Responses to “Journey to Mt Madonna”

  1. Therese Miu Says:

    Hey D,
    Had an opportunity to check out all 3 videos. I know you have been talking about this with me which seems like forever. I know you are going through transformation and realization.

    I wanted to stop by and give you genuine and uplifting blessings on your 3 month community service. Please do tell us what you are learning about 8 limbs of Karma Yoga. I have not been able to practice Ashtanga ever. So I am very very excited to see how this unfolds. I know the journey must be beautiful, serene, and blissful. I am very happy for you! Wishing you always the best D 🙂
    Keep us ALL updated! 🙂
    LOve your new look. My first time seeing it.

    Love Light & Blessings to a peaceful journey beyond this world.

    Your Friend always,
    Therese Miu

  2. Nick Unsworth Says:

    Looks awesome bro…I’m happy for you.

  3. The Mommyologist Says:

    I enjoyed your videos, Dallas and I’m so glad you are doing well out there! Can’t wait to hear more!


  4. Dallas Cyr Says:

    @Therese @Nick @Mary I’m grateful for your comments and glad you appreciate the posts. I am so inspired here and am loving every minute! I would highly recommend you all visiting here even if you don’t do the exact program I do it’s just amazing to spend a day or a few days here on personal retreat.

    You folks rock!!
    Peace & Prosperity

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