It’s Gonna Be a Great Day: Interview With Chris Paradiso of Paradiso Insurance

Wed, May 18, 2011

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“It’s Gonna Be a Great Day”

Chris gets his day started and his children fired up about life everyday with one simple action; he claps his hands twice and says, “Today is gonna be a great day”!

It may sound simple but that one step sets the tone for his day which sets the foundation for each week, month and year. Chris’s great attitude is just one of the many reasons he is so successful but if you ask him, he’ll tell you it’s the most important!

I Allowed them to be good but I didn’t help them be great

Chris has a deep desire to be great in all he does and it shows. He is a great Dad, Husband, Friend, Community Member and Business Owner. That is because he expects the best from those around him but first he expects the best from himself. In my experience few people are “internally” motivated, most are “externally motivated”. For Chris his desire to change the Property & Casualty industry and to be the best he can be keeps him fired up and moving forward. Many need, a boss, a job title, some outside recognition to motivate them which is fine but to be internally motivated is far less limiting. Chris has that and I believe we can all tap into it if we find something to do, love, believe in and give back to that is greater than ourselves.

Give to Keep

Chris has a givers heart and he thrives and so does his business thanks to having a cause bigger than himself. His work with  the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center has a added another layer of meaning to Chris’s life and made him a better business owner and person. He doesn’t give to get but he certainly gets because he gives. He actually says he “He gives to keep” you’ll see what that means in the interview.

There is so much to learn and enjoy in my Interview with Chris Paradiso I am certain you will love it!

Down below this post is the speech by Coach Jimmy Valvano that Chris talked so highly about in the interview. I encourage you to watch it now!

Chris Paradiso is the owner of Paradiso Insurance in Stafford, Connecticut. He is married, the father of twins, a philanthropist and a baseball enthusiast. His company is very proactive in the social media arena. At Paradiso Insurance they don’t just serve their clients, they “partner” with them and that mentality is one of the things that sets them apart and makes them the number one P&C company in CT. To learn more check out Chris and his awesome staff at

(Above is a picture of Chris Paradiso receiving the 12th Annual Community Service Award from Rough Notes for his tireless and selfless service to the  Connecticut Children’s Medical Center.)

Thank you for reading and watching. Please share with us your thoughts and questions and if you found this post helpful please feel free to share!

Peace & Prosperity,

Dallas Michael Cyr

Dallas is a Speaker, Vlogger and Entrepreneur who is known as the Edutainer due to his candid and unique style of educating his clients while entertaining and having fun.

Jimmy Valvano’s last speech at the 1993 Espys

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