Contribution It’s Not About Me…Or You

Thu, Apr 15, 2010

Connect with Spirit, Self-Mastery

I have learned that when you are focused on YOU, your worries, what you don’t have and what challenges you’re faced with, life is harder. Constant focus on your problems will only magnify your problems. Shift your focus to how you can help someone else with their issues and you will find the perfect solace from your worries.

Most people that live truly fulfilled and satisfied lives are those that live in service. They ask themselves on a regular basis, how can I help, what can I do to solve this same issue for someone else?

Extend Your Stay and the Quality of it!

People who serve are happier, have stronger relationships, less stress and statistically live longer.

I have learned that if you want something out of life help someone else get it first. You want more money give what you can NOW. You want more business success, confidence, love… Give IT to some one else and You’ll get it!

The trick obviously is not to do it for that purpose, not to serve just because of what you will get in return but the more you practice your giving muscle the more you’ll love to give and the easier it gets!

It’s not about you?

Stop thinking about you! Me, Me, Me will keep you in a lack and fearful mind state and ask yourself How and Who can I serve? How can I contribute and make the world a better place?

You don’t have to travel the world with Green Peace but you you can give blood to the Red cross. Giving back is also something you can do as a family. You can go to a shelter and cook or bring food and teach your children many valuable lessons while contributing to your community.

If you contribute now, I would love to hear how. Share with everyone what you do and lets get some ideas flowing!

Again most people want to give back and will if they’re asked. It doesn’t have to be that you cured Malaria but what ways do you give back to local charities, schools, the community and neighborhood you live in?

How about what have you been thinking about doing and haven’t yet? What is stopping you?

I can’t wait to hear.

If you liked this post and feel like “Giving back” and “Contributing” to the world then share this with others on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. You can share this message and inspire others to contribute and give back all at the same time!

Wishing You Peace and Prosperity,
Dallas Cyr

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2 Responses to “Contribution It’s Not About Me…Or You”

  1. Therese Miu Says:


    Hey there I love love love Success Magazine and I probably have listened and read that same Issue more than 10 times. So funny to see you holding it 🙂
    What difference do you make? I love that question.. You are right we get caught up in our head and become “me focus”
    2 daily questions I ask myself everyday consistenly:
    1.) How can I give today?
    2.) How can I serve?
    Asking these questions has transformed my life so much. And it reminds me of a quote my friend Shyam Talreja gave me once on Facebook he said,
    Each time

    My happiness-heart smiles,

    My life

    Enjoys expanding miles.

    Peace smiles in acceptance-joy,

    Nothing on earth to annoy.

    Love triumphs in oneness-play,

    Oneness with man’s deathless day.

    This is how I feel when I am making small contribution.
    Thanks D for a GREAT POST.
    You look so awesome on your videos. Your very relaxed and has a Great spirit.

  2. Dallas Cyr Says:

    Great points. Those are the same questions I ask too. Great minds think alike.
    Plus It’s a fact the people who solve big problems have great success so if we become servants
    and Problem solvers we get what we want too.
    Great Poem and I loved that you shared it here for my readers to enjoy!
    Thanks Therese.

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