Your Challenges are Your Greatest GIFTS!

Sat, Jul 30, 2011

Connect with Spirit, Self-Mastery

Everything in Life is Perspective!

This is a quick video I did from the most recent Pinnacle Program in La Jolla, CA.

In this Video you’ll see I talk about what our challenges and obstacles REALLY ARE in our lives!

This message is intended not only give you the ability to overcome any obstacle but to do it stress free with clarity and power! This message and technique can give you peace in you life by creating a true paradigm shift that will serve you tremendously.

It has certainly been life changing for me!

This is my message to the world….

“Your Challenges are Your Greatest Gifts.”

After years of trials and tribulations I have discovered that what I thought were problems or negatives in my life were in fact GIFTS! I have been through so many challenges in my life, overcome so many obstacles which would’ve taken many people out, many would be broken, failed and on anti-depressants, yet I am happier than ever, fulfilled, successful and living my passion.

How did I go from Hell to Happy, poor to prosperous, loser to leader?

I had a paradigm shift and this video contains the KEY that Unlocked Powerful change in my life and will do the same for YOU!

(by the way I added the slides I reference in the video below because they’re a bit hard to see)



Dallas Michael Cyr is a Life Guide Vlogger, Speaker and Entrepreneur with a candid and unique fun style of educating and coaching his clients while having fun.

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One Response to “Your Challenges are Your Greatest GIFTS!”

  1. Choice Point Says:

    Very powerful thought. Everything is a Gift. The universe is a loving place and every experience is just an experience until we label and identify with it. Why not call our challenges gifts instead, it’s certainly as true or truer than the alternative!

    Thanks Dallas!

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